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How we work

How meandmyleads work

On all of our products we operate a 2 call system to ensure the quality of our leads.

  • Our profiled data is contacted by our professional telemarketing team to source and create the initial interest.
  • On all of our packages the leads are reviewed by our customer service department to check firstly that the telemarketer they spoke with was polite and courteous. Secondly to verify all details given and finally to confirm there is a genuine interest in being passed to a broker.
  • At this stage the customer is given the name of the client’s company who will be contacting them; the leads are then transferred to the client via excel/word file the following day.
Booking a Trial

Booking a Trial

If you have not used meandmyleads before and are thinking of setting up a trial please contact to discuss any questions or queries you may have. 

With all our trials we like to deliver the requested leads to you as soon as possible most trials take within a 2/3 week period, occasionally the trial may run over a longer period due to unforeseen factors. If this is the case you have our word we will be doing everything in our power to deliver the leads to you as quickly as possible without faulting on the quality. 

Once you have trialled our company and you are happy with the quality of our leads we can then deliver a set amount on a regular weekly basis, the trial is only spread over a 2/3 week timescale as we are starting from scratch and we only book leads to order.

Meandmyleads do not offer a cancellation policy once the trial has started, this is due to meandmyleads undergoing costs from the day the trial starts.

If you wish to postpone the lead delivery once the trial has started, meandmyleads are more than happy to do so. 

Meandmyleads only offer a lead ‘replacement’ policy not a lead ‘refund’ policy.

Our returns policy does not apply to trials, only to orders thereafter.


We operate a strict but fair returns policy. To be eligible for a review all claims need to be submitted by email within 10 working days of receipt. Leads will only be replaced once meandmyleads have confirmed the reason for the return.

What we replace:

  • Wrong contact details
  • No contact, with these leads we will re-contact the customer and rebook the lead.
  • Out of postcode area
  • Duplication
  • Non-UK national or a non-UK resident
  • Not interested on initial call with client
  • Deadlines
  • Hoax Leads
  • Medical conditions not picked up by the meandmyleads team that prevent you from quoting
  • Policies linked to an endowment mortgage that prevent you from quoting

What we do not replace:  

  • If the request is submitted after 10 days from the receipt of the lead
  • We only replace on the original leads sent out, we do not replace on the replacement leads
Payment methods

We accept payment from the following:

  • Bank transfer
  • Standing order

Your lead supply will commence when funds have cleared in the meandmyaccount.

Once you the company have placed an order and agreed to a start date for your placed order to commence, you are committed to the order and start date. Therefore you are committed to the payment of the order in full. You are able to change or cancel the order by informing meandmyleads by email/written confirmation within five days of the start date of the order.

This cancellation policy is in place to prevent you the company cancelling the order without giving meandmyleads enough time to rebook the designated start date/order with another company.



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